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General Information

The Criminal Department is responsible for recording, storing and maintaining all criminal records occurring in Bienville Parish. Such records include citations, indictments, arraignments, and dispositions. We are also responsible for maintaining evidence submitted during the proceedings. All of these records are public information except for those involving Juveniles and those ordered sealed by the 2nd Judicial District Court.

The Clerk's Office DOES NOT accept payments for fines or fees associated with criminal sentencing or traffic citations. These payments are typically handled through the Bienville Parish Sheriff's Department.

Minutes, Records, Searches and Copies

Criminal history searches of an individual can be obtained for a fee of $20.00 PER NAME to be searched (See Act 733 - R.S. 13:847(6)). This is a search of public records for the past 10 years only and DOES NOT include: arrest records, juvenile records, sealed documents, or offenses committed outside of the parish. Searches requested beyond 10 years will cost an additional $20 per 10 year period.

  • Any copies of criminal documents EXCLUDING court minutes will cost an additional $1.00 PER PAGE.
  • Certified Copies cost an additional $5.00 PER DOCUMENT.
  • Court Minutes cost $10.00 per extract/date (See Act 733 - R.S. 13:847(7)).
  • Certified Minutes will cost an additional $5.00.

Rules for Louisiana District Courts

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