Bienville Parish, Louisiana


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Sandy Settle - Chief Deputy 

Sarah Hollis

The Civil Department receives, files, records and processes all claims between individuals and/or entities. This department also prepares the civil court docket and maintains the minutes of the Court.

Civil/Probate Name Searches

This service is available at a cost of $10 per name and must be paid in advance. This does not include the cost copies.

Small Claims & Civil Suits

An individual may file any money claim under the amount of $5,000 on the Clerk's Docket; all other claims are filed under the Civil Suits.


These records include successions, interdictions and emancipations.


Adoption records are not public.

Protective Orders

Our office works in conjunction with the Louisiana Domestic Abuse Response Team (D.A.R.T), to issue protective orders to victims of domestic violence as defined by the State of Louisiana. Victims are encouraged to contact D.A.R.T before seeking a protective order.

Arcadia D.A.R.T Office
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