Bienville Parish, Louisiana

Birth Certificates


Kaydee Johnson

We do not maintain birth records in our parish, nor are they available for public viewing through our system. You may not obtain or view records of others unless you meet the rules and stipulations below. We cannot access records from other states.

Our office can provide certified birth records for people who can be present in person (or the representatives listed under Rules and Stipulations). We are unable to mail forms or certificates. If you cannot be present in person, please contact the Office of Vital Records or go to their website.

All costs and documentations are regulated by LOUISIANA LAW and may not be circumvented by the Clerk's Office. 

Office of Vital Records, New Orleans

Department of Health & Hospitals, State of Louisiana

There are two forms of birth records available: Birth Cards and Birth Certificates, both have different requirements and formats.

Birth Certificate: EFFECTIVE AUGUST 1, 2016 - Birth Certificates are now $34 CASH ONLY.

Birth Cards: MAY ONLY BE PURCHASED WITH A BIRTH CERTIFICATE - not as a separate document. $24 Additional ($58 TOTAL COST)

We cannot alter information printed on the birth records. Any corrections or changes to be made must be done through the office of Vital Records in New Orleans.

Rules and Stipulations:

  1. Must have been born in the State of Louisiana
  2. Must be present in person -OR-
    • Immediate family member present on your behalf - mother, father, sister, brother, grandmother, grandfather, children or legal spouse - OR legal guardian with certified documents.
  3. Must provide a valid form of photo identification (ID card, Drivers License etc) - OR-
  4. Must complete a required form.

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