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Online Access

Our on-line service now has over 100 years of conveyance records available for viewing!

All Coveryance/Mortgage Indexes are updated through the end of each business day.

The Bienville Parish Clerk of Court's Office offers access to the Conveyance, Mortgage and Civil records online. The Conveyance records are currently available for viewing from 2/13/1913 to Present; Mortgage records from 1/1/1986 to Present; Civil records from 7/1/1989 to Present. The dates for all records will broaden as we continue to integrate older records into the digital system. For more information, please see the Terms and Conditions below. 

Bienville Parish Online Terms and Conditions

Section 1 (Charges)

 Installation of the client software and standard hardware configuration (for a description of the minimum system requirements and supported hardware please see Section 3(Hardware)) will incur an initial setup fee of $50.00. This fee will include configuration of the standard hardware and software listed in Section 3, demonstration of the system, and verification of completion. Configuration of non-standard hardware may incur additional costs.

Users of the online service agree to pay $50.00 per month. In addition to the monthly fee, there will be a charge of $1.00 per page for all online documents printed through the online system.

Additionally, there will be a late fee of $25.00 per month imposed on delinquent accounts until the balance is paid in full. An account is considered delinquent if payment is not received on the day following the due date indicated on the monthly statement. Delinquent accounts can be suspended without notice and late fees will be accrued and added to the outstanding balance due.

Finally, in the event of termination of service there will be a $40.00 reconnect charge applied when the billing is resolved and the customer requests the service returned.

Section 2 (Support)

Our office provides the basic setup and support for the online system. Advanced service and technical support is provided by Omni Services Incorporated, d.b.a. Omni Computers, a corporation independent of the Bienville Parish Clerk of Court's Office. Omni Computers will conduct support services when directed by the Clerk's office or requested by the client as well as any subsequent modifications or technical support issues. Omni Computers charges $125.00 per hour of on-site or web support and $65.00 per hour of travel time(if needed).

Section 3 (Hardware)

The Bienville Parish Online system utilizes Microsoft Windows Terminal Server. The system allows for a broad range of Personal Computers to access the Online system. We do not recommend MAC (IOS) for use of this system and will be unable to assist you if you have any issues.  The minimum/standard requirements for using the system are as follows:

Broadband internet access i.e. Cox Cable or BellSouth DSL

 Windows XP or higher.

Any Hewlett Packard LaserJet printer which uses a standard PCL print driver.

Any variation from these specifications could result in performance degradation or increased downtime and is not supported by the Bienville Parish Clerk of Court's Office or Omni Computer Store and may incur additional setup fees.

Section 4 (Important Numbers)

Bienville Parish Clerk of Court's Office

Eddie Holmes, Director Online Services  318.263.2123 (

NOTICE: Online Access is a RECURRING CHARGE (See Terms and Contract #1 and #15 of application) until canceled by WRITTEN request by the user. Failure to do so will result in continuing charges for up to 3 months before mandatory termination.


NOTICE: Credit payments are NOT recurring. Each additional month (plus copies) after the initial sign-up will be billed by mail and must be paid by check or money order.