Bienville Parish Clerk's Office
100 Court House Drive
Arcadia, LA 71001
James W. “Jim” Martin
Clerk of Court
Bienville Parish


Conveyance & Mortgage Department


Eloise Bradford - Recording, Indexing, UCC, Mortgage Certificates

Eddie Holmes - Recording, Indexing, UCC, Accounting, Birth Records, Mortgage Certificates

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General Information

In its function as Recorder, the office receives and files all deeds, mortgages, and other instruments to be recorded in the public records of the parish. After these instruments are recorded and assigned filing numbers, they are scanned into our computer system where they are indexed and available for public view.

Conveyance records contain all deeds, exchanges, partitions, judgments recognizing heirs, and other instruments; the effect of which is to transfer real property or interests and rights therein. Oil and gas leases, mineral sales, royalty deeds, rights of way for pipelines, roadways, telephone and electric transmission lines are included in the Conveyance records.

Plat records contain maps of all original government surveys and subdivisions laid out by developers of city, suburban, and rural properties. It is through the Conveyance and Plat records that the title to all real estate within the Parish is traced to determine its present ownership and status. In Bienville Parish, these records go back to the year 1848.

Mortgage records contain all mortgages, judgments, liens and other encumbrances affecting real estate. These records are canceled when a proper affidavit evidencing payment or satisfaction is presented and filed. Once this takes place a marginal notation on the original document denotes the cancellation and the computer records are updated to note the cancellation.

Uniform commercial code filings formerly known as chattel mortgages, are mortgages on moveable property and are recorded in the Clerk's office. UCC filings are entered into a statewide computer system, maintained by the Secretary of State. Public view stations are available in our office to examine UCC recordings.



 Mortgage Certificate

A mortgage certificate is a signed certificate from the Clerk of Court's office showing a list of liens, tax assessments, money judgments and mortgages affecting a described property. This certificate will cover a period of ten years. A Mortgage Certificate must be requested in writing.