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Bienville Parish Clerk's Office
100 Court House Drive
Arcadia, LA 71001
James W. “Jim” Martin
Clerk of Court
Bienville Parish



A company called" Record Transfer Services" with a return address of Thousand Oaks,

California has been mailing out a notice entitled, "RECORDED DEED NOTICE."


This a private company soliciting business to provide a copy of a deed for $83.00.

This company is NOT  affiliated with the Clerk of Court's office or any other government

agency.  This is NOT a fee due our office.


Deeds are public records.  You may obtain a copy from our office for $1.00 per page.  Most deeds are 2-3 pages.



                Jim Martin, Clerk of Court

                 Bienville Parish, LA

Clerk's Office

 Phone 318-263-2123

Fax: 318-263-7426


The Clerk of Court in Louisiana keeps records of the court and serves as ex-officio notary public and parish recorder of conveyances, mortgages and other acts. Writs and orders involved in the judicial process are issued by the clerk's office. The clerk serves as the chief elections officer in the parish and oversees all phases of parish elections. The clerk is also a member of the parish jury commission which impanel persons for jury duty.

There are numerous other records maintained in the Clerk's office such as Bond records, Corporate Charters, Partnerships, Certificates of Trade names, Marriage Licenses, Discharge Papers and other miscellaneous instruments. Each recorded instrument is indexed and cross-indexed for easy reference.

All salaries and operating expenses are paid out of the fees as fixed by statute, collected for recordings, certified copies, and services rendered in connection with civil, probate, and criminal proceedings. NO TAX MONEY is provided for the operation of the office.

We are very proud to be able to serve the people of this parish in the Clerk's Office. If we can assist you in any way, please feel free to contact us.