Bienville Parish Clerk's Office
100 Court House Drive
Arcadia, LA 71001
James W. “Jim” Martin
Clerk of Court
Bienville Parish

About Us

Jim Martin was elected Clerk of Court in 1999. After taking office in July of 2000, he became the 3rd person to hold the office since 1939. He has continued the strong tradition of personal service in the Clerk's Office while adapting the latest technology to the services offered by this office. We work hard to provide the public with easy access to the records securely maintained by our office and are eager to assist as needed.

I am extremely proud we have digitized over 100 years of conveyance records which are now available to the public through our computer systems. These records are also viewable to our customers with subscription remote access. A small parish providing a full century of digitized records is rare at this time and it is gratifying to know we are able to provide the same level of service as most of the larger parishes in our state.